New Features in Perfion PIM

Perfion has over the last 6 months released three new versions. Below you can read about the high-lights.

 Web Client

Perfion has developed a web client for light editing and read-only users.


  Better Workflow Support

Use a combination of searches, filters and progress bars to support your workflow when working with product information. 


  Schedule Remote Sync Jobs

Smartpage has developed a small component which can schedule one or more remote sync jobs in Perfion.


  Data Validation

Enable business-specific validation rules for certain featuretypes, -numbers, strings and text. 


  Information Groups as Views in Grid

Enables users to use "tabs" from the item editor as views in the grid. 


  Logging and Trash Bin

These new features enable you to restore deleted values and items. 


  Action Mapping - Import and Export

Data Mapping tool to Perfion. Makes it easy to import data from suppliers or deliver data to customers, in multiple formats and structures. 


  Role Based Access Model to Perfion Functions

Enables administrators to control "normal" users' access to various Perfion functions. 


  U-commerce Connector

With the new U-commerce connector you can control categories, products and data in your U-commerce shop directly in Perfion.  

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Christian Thoft
Digital Business Consultant