New features in Perfion PIM 2020

Perfion has released a new version. Below you can read the highlights.


Enables you to get an easy overview and follow up on KPIs


  Significant Performance Increase

Remotes are now fetched in parallel and you can now continue working in the grid while remotes are fetched


  Asset Portal

  • Distribute media to partners or other third parties
  • Configure assets and metadata to be shared on the portal directly in Perfion
  • Apply your own company branding and introductory pages
  • Create PDF printouts of selected images
  • Define user access on category level and monitor activity
  • Use anonymous viewing for selected assets
  • Apply watermarks to copyrighted material
  • Download assets in multiple formats and quality settings


  UI Update

General refresh and simplification


  Item Relations

You can now identify where features are used


  Import & Export Logs

  • See logs of import and exports jobs
  • Keep track of scheduled jobs
  • Investigate why imports/exports fail
  • Admin can stop currently running jobs and see jobs of all users


  Dynamic Grid

  • More options for showing images and content
  • Indicators for more content / more images
  • “Fit content” option
  • Single line for overview of many items, large column height/width for detailed inspection
  • Preferences are saved as user settings


  And a lot more:

  • RTF Editor
  • Import/Export Actions
  • Actions Improvements
  • Customized Grid Views can now be used in Perfion API queries
  • Show full hierarchy path on values in Item Editor and Item Relation Overview


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Christian Thoft
Digital Business Consultant